native Spanish language teacher (adults, teens and kids) - examiner of DELE exams

Je parle :

J'habite à Alicante, Espagne

My name is Cristina and I am a native teacher of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). I am from Alicante, in the southeast of Spain.

I will be delighted to be your teacher. I can help you to improve you level with different books, videos, audios, conversation, description of photographs, presentations that you and I will make, songs, etc. My most innovative methods are the books Espacio Joven 360, Aula International, Sueña, Cronómetro, etc. which include digital extension with audios and videos.

I like to prepare lessons for my students and I interact as much as possible with my students, this is a bilateral learning in which I let a space to the student to speak so he/she can increase his speaking abilities in Spanish language.

I have 12 years of experience teaching Spanish (ELE) in the United States, Russia, Spain, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

Additionally, I followed all trainings and examinations to become a certified examiner of INSTITUTO CERVANTES for the DELE exams for the levels A2-B1-B2-C1-C2.

I am following an online course from Instituto Cervantes to increase my abilities to prepare lessons for kids aged 7-12 and I am very excited about that.

Teaching for me is a passion and I discovered in 2008 in the UK. I combine my other job (policy analyst and communications expert) with teaching and it is totally compatible. I can bring to my lessons the knowledge that I get from the interaction with different people and it definitely enriches my lessons.

I have a lot of resources (books, digital materials, magazines in Spanish, movies) that I share with my students in order to motivate them for studying.

Currently I have students from New York city, Romania, Poland, Canada, Belarus, Russia, UK, Azerbaijan, Brazil, etc.

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