Charte de Bonne Conduite


In creating my Speaknate profile, I hereby agree to:

1 - Provide true information.

Users agree to fill out their profile with their real first name and a real photo, and to be truthful and transparent as to any other information provided by them (addresses…).

Native Speakers shall create classes their fully intend to provide and Student shall only sign up for classes they plan to attend.

2 - Display exemplary conduct in classes.

Users agree to behave with kindness and respect toward all other people in the classes their give or take. They shall keep a professional attitude and in no case make inappropriate remarks.

3 - Be on time and reliable.

Users agree to respect set meeting times.

Native Speakers shall provide classes that contain the predetermined elements.

4 - Leave honest feedbacks.

Students agree to provide feedback that reflects their experience and agree to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth! Feedback shall be honest, appropriate, polite and fair.

5 – Make the most of the exchange.

Language exchanges are for having a good time and bonding with others too!

6 - Notify Speaknate administrators of any non-compliance with the provisions set out hereabove.